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Gevity RX Bone Broth Body Glue Boost 260g

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Gevity RX Bone Broth Body Glue Boost 260g


Designed as a workout and energy boosting tonic. Combines the muscle sparing & body repairing amino acids of bone broth with the nitrate-rich, superfood health Benefits of organic beetroot powder.

Gevity RX (formerly Meadow & Marrow) uses a unique process to create nutrient dense, convenient and delicious bone broths. Each jar contains only the thick, concentrated broth drawn out of the cooking process, with some added herbs and spices, and naturally evaporated sea salt for preservation. No water, no fillers or thickeners, not dehydrated.
Just one teaspoon added to a cup of hot water makes a tasty, nourishing drink in less time than it takes to make a cup of tea! Or add to sauces and marinades, gravy or even mashed vegetables. Made from 100% Australian grass-fed and finished cattle from the Darling Downs region. Shelf stable when unopened but store in the fridge when opened.


  • 100% Grass-Fed Beef Bones, Naturally Evaporated Sea Salt, Organic Beetroot Powder, Medium Chain Triglycerides