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GF Oats Organic Uncontaminated Oats 500g

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KIK - GF-1451-10

* Oats are gluten free, however they contain a protein called Avenin and whilst they are naturally gluten free this protein is only safe for 95% of people with Coeliac disease.  The main concern is with the growing and processing of the oats and becoming contaminated by wheat, rye or barley and may as a result contain some detectable gluten. In the US, UK & Europe, oats that are labelled gluten free are considered safe for people with Coeliac disease and are classified as gluten free if they contain less than 20 milligrams of gluten per kg.  Uncontaminated oats such as GF Oats are celebrated as being gluten free and a super nutritious food for people suffering with Coeliac disease in these areas.  Every batch of GF Oats is tested to ensure below thresholds applied for US, UK & European standards.  In Australia, different standards apply.  Products with any detectable gluten cannot be called gluten free.  They can be called low gluten. 



Being 100% Organic and free of chemicals and preservatives, GF Oats are a perfect way to kickstart your day. This gluten free oat* keep you healthy and energetic and are freshly roasted for you to get the maximum Benefits. If you are looking for a high quality product to taste the difference, then this is the snack to try. You can use it in a number of recipes and its fresh flavor will melt in your mouth. This is an oat you can trust, as it is free of gluten and rich in various vitamins and nutrients.


Suggested Usage


You can use these oats in a variety of recipes and stay healthy as it has no artificial Ingredients and chemicals




Store the product in a cool and dry place. 


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Product Attributes


  • 100% Organic
  • 100% fair trade
  • No Toxins
  • No Chemicals
  • Preservatives free



Organic Oats