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Ginger Powder

Ginger Powder

What is ginger powder

Ginger powder, or ground ginger, is a very popular herb and spice product found in most kitchens. It is used to add flavour and aroma to a variety of dishes and has been used for centuries for medicinal uses in  parts of the Indian subcontinent. The powder is extracted from the dried ginger root (rhizome). It usually is off white or slightly brown in appearance and has a particularly strong aroma. Ginger powder will usually last for approximately one year ma king it easy to store.

Ginger has a variety of uses and recipes will often call for dry ginger, fresh ginger, ginger extract or simply organic ginger. In most cases ginger powder and dry ginger can be taken to mean the same thing, while dry ginger will often work as a more than adequate substitute for fresh ginger. Ginger extract or dry ginger powder is used to make ginger tea, ginger ale, chutney, gingerbread, ginger sauce, salad dressings and a variety of savory dishes. It can also  make an excellent addition to smoothies as well as adding a tang to your favourite beverage.

The powder should be stored in an airtight container and will last for some time if stored properly.

Organic ginger powder is ground ginger obtained from the ginger root that has been grown without the use of chemicals, pesticides or genetically modified organisms. Ginger powder is used widely in Ayurvedic medicine and it's properties are becoming more widely recognised by the wider community.

Ginger itself has a distinctive spicy flavor and aroma that come from the oils within it. most notably the oil known as gingerol. Gingerol is known to be the main component associated with ginger's therapeutic qualities. Gingerol is known to have powerful antioxidant and anti inflammatory properties [1]

 Organic ginger powder benefits

Ginger is known to have anti-inflammatory  and antibacterial properties as well as containing antioxidants, Vitamin C  and important minerals including magnesium and zinc. When used appropriately it can provide the following  health benefits

  • Ginger can ease upset stomachs. The anti-inflammatory properties within the powder help to neutralize gastric juices and stimulate digestion and  food absorption. It has been demonstrated to be most effective in treating nausea in many forms. Ginger has been used by pregnant women to treat morning sickness[2]to great affect. However,it is recommended that pregnant women exercise some caution when taking ginger for this purpose as some believe that taking ginger can cause miscarriage although there is no evidence to support this. It is therefore recommended that pregnant women seek medical advice prior to consuming large amounts of the powder. Dry ginger powder mixed with water has been shown to also be effective in treating motion sickness

  • Contains thermogenic agents which and can boost the body’s metabolism

  • May help to reduce muscle pain brought on by exercise. The effect is progressive in nature and does not act instantaneously.[3]

  • Studies have shown that patients who suffered from osteoporosis who took an extract of dry ginger powder required less pain medication and suffered less joint pain.[4]

  • Relatively new research has shown that ginger may lower blood sugar levels.[5] This may be significant for people suffering a health condition like Type 2 diabetes.

  • Appears to be effective in treating menstrual pain.[6]

  • The anti-inflammatory properties with ginger help to relieve the symptoms of the common cold.  A solution of ginger powder and lukewarm water is said to have an almost immediate effect on the symptoms

  • Adding ginger powder to various curries and stews can help to prevent excess gas and treat flatulence

  • Ginger can be added to beauty treatments and face packs. The anti-inflammatory properties within ginger powder are thought to help prevent acne and pimples

Where to buy organic ginger powder Australia can rely on

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