Giovanni 2Chic Avocado & Olive Oil Anti Frizz Serum 53ml

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Giovanni 2Chic Anti Frizz Serum 53 ml - Buy Online

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Giovanni’s 2chic Ultra Moist Anti Frizz Binding Serum, for dry and damaged hair, is perfect for taming frizz and treating flyaways. 

All Giovanni products contain no parabens, no sodium lauryl/laureth sulphate, no animal by-products, are cruelty free, pH balanced and consist of biodegradable formulas with recyclable packaging.
The entire Ultra Moist range by Giovanni is enriched with a dual moisture complex of avocado and olive oil. Avocado oil is renowned for its regenerative properties, while Olive oil is a gentle, moisturising, oil, especially good for those prone to break outs.
The 2chic Anti Frizz Serum rebinds the ends of your hair to help prevent splits and also prevents future breakage, which would cause frizz. In addition, this serum protects hair from heat styling as well as humidity while helping your hair achieve maximum shine which results in a wonderful finish.

The Giovanni Rule Of Balance – make each product as pure and natural as possible without sacrificing exceptional product performance.


GIOVANNI 2CHIC Super Potion Anti-Frizz Binding Serum, Avocado & Olive Oil, Ultra-Moist 53ml - For Dry Damaged Hair