Giovanni 2Chic Cherry Blossom & Rose Petals Conditioner (Mini) 44ml

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Giovanni 2Chic Cherry Blossom & Rose Petals Conditioner (Mini) 44ml

As the USA’s number 1 seller of natural hair care products,
Giovanni Haircare continues to gain fans all over the world. The increased popularity of this company has led to expansion into the Australian market and now many of their most desirable products are available to purchase!

Giovanni’s 2Chic Cherry Blossom and Rose Petals Conditioner is a sensational buy for the consumer looking to rejuvenate unruly and tangled hair. The dual calming complex formula helps to strengthen damaged over processed hair whilst reviving overworked locks. The inclusion of Corn Silk helps gloss hair leaving it shining and sparkling.

100% Cruelty free this is the perfect product for the animal lover and is suitable for vegetarians. Stored in a mini 44ml tube, this product is designed for use when travelling across state, country or overseas so that you’ll never go without the benefits of this high-quality conditioner.

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