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Gluten Free Chocolate

Gluten Free Chocolate

What is gluten free chocolate?

Gluten free chocolate is chocolate that is made without using products that contain gluten. Most commercially produced chocolates use a variety of ingredients. Some like  brewer's yeast barley, barley malt and farro contain gluten. Pure chocolate produced just using cacao beans is gluten free. However many people find the taste of pure chocolate to be unappealing.  There are many high quality chocolate products that are made without using gluten. These gluten-free chocolates and gluten free chocolate bars use minimal ingredients.

Organic gluten free chocolate fills a vital niche in the market catering to those who have coeliac disease or gluten sensitivity.

Benefits of eating organic gluten free chocolate

While gluten-free products essential for anyone suffering from coeliac disease,  There is significant evidence to suggest that a gluten free diet which would obviously include gluten free chocolate can  have some benefits for people who suffer from a range of conditions including

  • Irritable irritable bowel syndrome

  •  autoimmune disorders

  •  Multiple  sclerosis

  •  Anaemia

  •  thyroid disease

Restricting the intake of gluten  is also thought to increase energy levels for some sports people.  While eating gluten free chocolate is not going to be the cure all or magic panacea it can serve to provide an often needed little moment of pleasure for people suffering with one of these illnesses. 

Where to buy gluten free chocolate Australia can rely on

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