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Grants Toothpaste


Grants Toothpaste – The story behind them

Let us introduce to you the back story of Grants Toothpaste. Putting family first and having their daughter Tammy in mind, the Aronson family began their journey towards safe, tasty and fluoride free toothpaste. In the years where healthy options were only found in nature, Michelle and Michael Aronson took matters into their own hands. Because what you cannot find you can make with a little help of Mother Nature!

The family owned company, Grants of Australia, possesses a wide range of oral care products that are safe to use and healthy to consume. The Aronson family’s goal was to create products that they would use without being concerned of what harmful side-effects they would make their bodies go through. And since they considered health as a priority, their daughters’ health was worth twice as much. That is how they came up to the conclusion of serving the market niche of oral care starting with healthy made toothpastes. Would you give something to your child that you wouldn’t trust to use yourself?

Enters Grants of Australia Toothpaste – fluoride-free, chemical-free and Non-Toxic

Grants Natural Toothpastes were not only created to be healthier than mainstream toothpastes but also to taste good! Toothpaste Flavors include Grants Mineral & Herbal Toothpaste; with certified organic aloe vera, Grants Extra Fresh Toothpaste; with certified organic tea tree oil, Grants Cinnamon Zest Toothpaste; with Neem Oil, Grants Xylitol Mint Toothpaste; with boosted Xylitol. It’s been more than 30 years that Grants fights naturally against bad breath, plague and cavities.

Grants Toothpaste is made of pure products found in our natural habitat. Products provided by the Australian based company are effective and completely nasties free. You no longer have to worry about nasty parabens, nasty artificial ingredients, nasty sulphates and nasty preservatives. 

Grants of Australia is expanding and provides their quality Australian made organic products internationaly including, Malaysia, USA, Canada, China and many more.

Their natural toothpastes range includes Xylitol Toothpaste. Grants managed to make it their premium toothpaste by enhancing it with all natural boosted xylitol.

Kids friendly natural toothpastes

Xylitol comes from the bark of trees and works against the increase of bacteria and hence, reduces the chances of tooth decay. Their Kid’s friendly toothpastes are ideal for your children's oral needs.

Grants Toothpaste – Exactly what your oral hygiene needs from Grants Australia. Get them at Buy Organics Online at the best prices Australia-wide!