Grapefruit Dish Wash Liquid 500ml By Ecostore

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Ecostore Grapefruit Dish Wash Liquid 500 ml - Buy Online

When it comes to the use of an everyday kitchen appliance such as the dishwasher, it is important to provide the appliance with a product that not only does a good job but that is also kind to the environment. By using Ecostore products you can rest assured that not only will your dishes be sparkling but the Earth will also be benefitting!

Ecostore’s grapefruit dish wash liquid comes in a 500ml container that is free of harmful chemicals and made fully of plant-based ingredients. This means that it is not only better for the environment, but it is also safer for use for those with sensitive skin and allergies. The result is a fantastic, sparkling clean of your cutlery and dishes without damaging the planet! 

Packaged in a renewable sugarcane plastic container that is 100% recyclable to enable the consumer to reduce their carbon footprint, this product is ideal for the environmentally-conscious individual or family.