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Green Banana Flour

What is Green Banana Flour

Green Banana Flour is a flour made from green bananas. The flour has been produced for centuries in countries like Jamaica. It is regarded as a good gluten free alternative to common wheat based flours. Raw banana flour has a faint banana flavour, but when cooked, the flour takes on an earthy non banana flour. It is similar in texture to other flours and  typically requires about 25% less volume. The flour is also recommended for its resistant starch properties which is promoted by some diets such as the Paleo diet. 

Organic banana flour is made using traditional methods and bananas that have been grown without the use of harmful chemicals or synthetic material

Health benefits of Banana Flour

Besides being gluten free the resistant starch properties of banana flour make it a very healthy alternative to other flours . These benefits include:

  • Source of multi fibre, producing a healthier gut and  more regular bowel movements

  • Very filling -helping to assist with weight loss

  • Contains 5HTP which helps increase serotonin production - contributing to better sleep patterns,maintaining libido and mood.

  • Contains magnesium which assists in making the body function properly

  • Contains potassium which supports the nervous system and helps to prevent stroke

  • Contains antioxidants

  • Contains zinc which contributes to maintaining a healthy immune system

  • Aids in the prevention of gallstones

Where to buy Banana flour Australia can rely on for quality

At Buy Organics Online you can purchase banana flour that has been sourced from highly regarded ethical  suppliers within the banana flour industry. Now you can switch to a healthier more nutritious gluten free type of flour, rich in resistant starch that can be used in precisely the same way as traditional flour. - buy your organic banana flour   and other natural flour products from Buy Organics Online today and enjoy healthier meals starting today!

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