Green Nutritional Organic Amazon Acai Pure Freeze Dried Powder 50G

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Green Nutritionals Organic Amazon Acai Powder 50g - Buy Online

Green Nutritionals Organic Amazon Acai Powder 50g


Organic Amazon Acai Pure Freeze-Dried Powder by Green Nutritional is power packed with nutritional value. Grown organically in Brazil, the acai berry contains a high number of antioxidants unmatched by any other berry you may find on your supermarket shelves. The benefit of these antioxidants is that they can neutralise free radicals in the body thus potentially staving off disease whilst also reducing tiredness and fatigue. Furthermore, the presence of antioxidants can help slow the aging process relating to oxidative damage.  

But the value of Acai berries is not limited to their high count of antioxidants. They are also rich in B vitamins which gives an energy boost that can help you achieve your daily tasks with ease. Furthermore, the presence of omega 3 can assist with brain functioning and memory development in children making this product a valued addition to the kitchen cupboard.    

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