Hand Sanitizer

Hand Sanitizer

Hand Sanitizer – Germs away!

Hand sanitizer is something we all have used at least once in our lifetime, maybe while travelling or while at work, to get out hands clean. Hand sanitizer is a quick way to kill germs when we don’t access to running water and a good hand wash. However, a good hand sanitizer can be judged by its ingredients and how pure they are.

Most hand sanitizers contain alcohol as they depend on it to kill germs and sanitize your hands. This can create problems as the alcohol can be rough on your hands and it can cause irritation. Not only that but the more you use alcohol-based sanitizer the less likely it’s going to work as the bacteria mutate fast to adapt to their harsh environment.

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Organic Hand Sanitizer - Health Benefits

The best hand sanitizers are the ones with no alcohol or with organic alcohol such as organic ethanol. Instead of relying on harsh alcoholic ingredients to kill germs, organic hand sanitizer relies on natural components found in fruits and plants to sanitize your hands. Just make sure that when applying you take off any rings you might be wearing as those spots are favoured by germs. Here are some of the health benefits of organic hand sanitizer.

Organic Hand Sanitizer Australia

Chances are you are going to use hand sanitizer more than once in your life, in fact, you might need to carry one around for school or work so can easily get your hands clean fast. Instead of using cheap non-organic alcohol based ones start using organic hand sanitizers to give you a peace of mind!

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