Hand Sanitizer



What makes a good hand sanitizer?

A hand sanitizer is very useful in a variety of situations including using public toilets, while travelling and is a necessary addition to your travels with kids. Hand sanitizers were developed to cover situations where soap and water were not normally available. Most commercial hand sanitizers contain alcohol as the agent that kills the germs. As alcohol can often have a drying effect on the skin, a moisturising agent. There are however a range of alcohol free and organic hand sanitizer options available.

Organic hand sanitizers make a very good hand cleaning option. Alcohol substitutes include ethanol.

Benefits of using organic hand sanitizer

An organic hand sanitizer will enable you to get the benefits of using a hand sanitizer while avoiding the use of alcohol. The key benefits of using hand sanitizers are-:

It is important to realise that hand sanitizers are not meant to be a replacement for soap and water but to complement hand washing in situations when soap and water is not available.

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