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Hari Har


Hari Har Chai products at Buy Organics Online

Hari Har Chai - one of the best chai brands in Australia is now available at our online store. The founder of Hari Har Chai, Christina Covington - a major fan of chai, she could not but create her own company that would supply the Australian market with quality and delicious chai. Chai’s healing properties are worth the while. Capture the love and essence of every chai cup that Hari Har Chai product has to offer.

HariHar History

Starting from a home based business to an Australia wide known, Christina managed to flourish Hari Har products and serve numerous types of consumers. Since Christina lived in The Himalayas for years, inspiration and knowledge came to her from studying Ayurvedic, India’s traditional medicine. What resulted through her study was the brilliance of the Hari Har Chai blends and their therapeutic abilities. It is best to say that Hari Har Chai products can not only promote the chai essence, but can also transfer the traditional Ayurvedic way of life in every cup of. That is by allowing its consumers to embrace the soul, experience love and take on healing through every cup of Hari Har Chai products.

In spite starting small as a home based business, HariHar quickly became a stable in the Australian market, allowing it to become a premier Chai brand, not only in Australia but around the world.

The Hari Har Chai products

Hari Har Chai products are produced in Australia using Australian ingredients but with the skills and knowledge of the Ayurveda tradition. The company’s tea crops are grown in the Daintree Regions of Queensland and are protected from any chemicals and toxins. The tea produced is blended with the Indian spices needed to make those blends delicious and filled with love.

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