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Men's Mid Life Formula is a herbal medicine specially formulated for men over 40, to target prostate and sexual health, stress and emotional health and energy and mental performance.


HE2 is a high potency herbal medicine that contains 5 vital herbs and two nutrients formulated to address the health needs of men over 40.


Men's Mid Life Formula targets the following issues that can appear along with middle age. Prostate and Sexual health: Incidence of benign prostate enlargement and frequent urination may increase as does a loss of libido and sexual function, like the ability to maintain and sustain erections. Emotional and Stress: Mood swings, irritability, mild anxiety and insomnia. Energy and Mental Performance: As men age they may want to improve their energy, exercise performance, stamina, mental performance and concentration. This formula also promotes overall vitality and wellbeing.


Morinda officinalis root 3g Epimedium sagittatum leaf (horny goat weed) 1.5g Panax ginseng root (Korean ginseng) 1.5g Schizandra chinensis fruit 750mg Serenoa repens fruit (Saw Palmetto) 500mg Lycopene 2.5mg Zinc amino acid chelate 30mg (eq to 6mg of Zinc)