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Healthy Muesli Bars Ingredients

BLOG - Muesli Bars
  • Bonvit Date Spread 375g
  • Ambrosia Smooth Peanut Butter 375g
  • GF Oats (Gluten Free*) Organic Uncontaminated Oats 2kg
  •  Lotus Oats Quick Organic 500g
  • COOMBS FAMILY FARMS Maple Syrup Grade A 473ml
  • COOMBS FAMILY FARMS Maple Syrup Grade A 236ml

Healthy Muesli Bars Ingredients

A must-try quick and easy recipe for your favourite snack, healthy muesli bars.

Replace your ready-made breakfast bars or afternoon snack with these nutritious bars and fill the energy flowing in.

You can have delicious muesli bars in the next 15 minutes.

How to make our healthy muesli bars

Simply follow our healthy muesli bars recipe and voila!

We took it a step further and created this product bundle with all Ingredients in different sizes for you to make this recipe and save some Ingredients for later. No need for you to go and look for each ingredient when you can choose the ones missing from your pantry right here!