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Heel Balm

Heel Balm

What is Heel Balm?

Heel balm is applied to the heel with a view to reducing the incidence of dried cracked rough looking heels. Heel balm is essentially a moisturizer that may contain some extra ingredients which will help with exfoliation and the breaking down of calluses and dead skin removal. While the name suggests that heel balm has been produced for heels specifically, it can be applied to other areas of the body., 

What is Heel Balm used for?

Heel balm is often used to simply touch up the driest, roughest areas to keep their feet smooth. On the other hand, others' needs can be a little more demanding. The balm can be used to heal painful deep heel cracks. Diabetics also used heel cream to deal with the effects that diabetes can have on their feet, although care needs to be exercised in this regard as some balms can be too exfoliating or cause damage to the feet in other ways.

Frequent users of heel balm recommend several strategies to get the most value from the product. These include-:

  • Apply the heel balm before bed and then sleep with socks on, so that the moisture of the balm is locked in.

  • You can smooth the appearance of dry skin before wearing sandals or thongs by touching up the skin with heel balm before putting the sandals on.

  • As some heel balms have quite a strong scent, it is perhaps prudent to apply the balm at night rather than at the start of the day.

  • Many users of heel balm believe it to be more effective when used immediately after exfoliation. 

Can I put Heel Balm on my face?

Surprisingly, heel balm can be used for a variety of purposes. It has been used as a soothing cream, a rash treatment, lip balm, hand cream and when rubbed on the chest can act as a decongestant. Besides working effectively as a lip balm that soothes cracked dry lips, it can be used as a face cream and has been said to be most effective for dry skin. It does not work well under makeup as it tends to make faces look unnaturally shiny. If heel balm is to be used for the face, it is best used before bed no more than twice a week.

Where can I buy Heel Balm?

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Heel Balm reviews?

Choosing an effective heel balm is a choice that needs to be carefully considered. If you spend some time researching hell balm reviews online, you will discover a lot of positive reviews for our range of heel balms.


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