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Hemp Flour

Hemp Flour

What is hemp flour?

Hemp flour - what is it and why should you buy it? The main reason that people buy hemp flour is because it is a gluten free alternative to traditional flour.  The next logical question you might ask is, what is hemp?

Hemp is a type of the cannabis sativa plant. Despite the obvious connection,hemp is not marijuana. While both marijuana and hemp are used to describe the cannabis sativa plant.they are not actually the same thing. So, there’s absolutely no chance of feeling the influence of marijuana just because you are eating hemp flour. Hemp is what is sometimes referred to as ‘industrial cannabis’ and it contains less of the chemicals that cause marijuana users to experience a high sensation. 

The benefits of hemp flour nutrition

Now that you know for sure that hemp flour is not made from marijuana you’re probably wondering how good it is for you. Well, we have good news for your regarding hemp flour nutrition. 

Hemp is actually incredibly high in a lot of good things make it a very healthy substitute for traditional flour. 

A few of the positive aspects of hemp flour nutrition include:

  • High in fibre

  • high in fatty acids

  • high in vitamins

  • high in minerals

So, even if you don’t need a gluten free alternative to flour it’s still a great idea to consider using hemp flour anyway!

Where to buy hemp flour

Wondering where to buy Hemp Flour Australia? Why search somewhere else when you have​ Buy Organics Online​ where we provide you with a range of Hemp flour that has been sourced from only the most trusted brands. So why wait? Purchase Hemp Flour Australia products and other natural Flour and meals products from Buy Organics Online at an exceptional price!

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