Kickstart Breakfast Herbs 170gr By Eden Health Foods

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Eden Health Foods Kick Start 170gr

Fully certified organic and 100% Vegan, Kickstart Breakfast Herbs by Eden Health Foods is the ideal product to get you started in the morning with a busy day ahead. Containing nothing but the finest herbal ingredients and extracts the benefits of this product are many:

- Consistent use helps to boost immunity to a range of diseases

- Increases stamina and strength

- Provides you with all the energy needed to get through the day

- Will regulate and maintain your blood sugar levels

-  Soothes your bowel and therefore prevents constipation from occurring

To use, simply mix half to one teaspoon onto your cereal or into your smoothie or morning juice to experience the benefits of this wonderful nutritional supplement. You will instantly feel the difference in energy, an increase in stamina and general well-being

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