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Laundry Liquid 20L Herbon

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HERBON Laundry Liquid On Sale



Herbon laundry liquid is a natural and effective biodegradable laundry liquid. We've added double-distilled eucalyptus oil to leave your dishes smelling incredibly fresh.



Like all Herbon products, Herbon laundry liquid is allergy free* and contains no-petrochemicals and no artificial perfumes or animal-derived Ingredients. It's not tested on animals and is safe for septic systems. Made in Australia.



Leaves your dishes sparkling clean. 100% biodegradable, this product also cares for the environment, breaking down completely into harmless compounds after 7 to 21 days.



Ingredients: Purified water, Sodium Cocoate, Coco Betaine (from coconut oil), Coconut Ethanolamine (from coconut oil & sugar cane), Eucalyptus Oil, Methyl Glycinate (preservative made from sugar cane  and citrus fruits).