Laundry Powder Bulk Lemon 4.5kgr By Ecostore

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Whilst a chore that few enjoy, washing the laundry is one undertaken so frequently that consideration of the damage being done to the family and the environment as a result needs to be on your mind. Many household products contain nasty chemicals that can affect the skin and do considerable harm to the planet. Whilst many mainstream brands continue to use these ingredients, one company is keen to limit the damage that these products can cause.

Ecostore is determined to provide consumers with a product that is environmentally-friendly and safer for the family. Their laundry powder bulk 4.5kg is formulated solely from plant and mineral-based ingredients thus avoiding exposure to nasty chemicals that often invade a wash. This ensures a safer option for those with sensitive skin or allergies when doing their laundry. Packaged in a 100% fully recyclable container to ensure that damage to the environment through excessive waste is avoided and super concentrated to maximise efficiency, this product will deliver an impressive 144 washes per package.