Laundry Powder Geranium & Orange 500gr By Ecostore

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Ecostore Laundry Powder Geranium & Orange  500g - Buy Online

Ecostore Laundry Powder Products On Sale

Possessing a beautiful fragrance of geranium and orange, laundry powder 500g from the people at Ecostore is a wonderful choice for the environmentally-conscious family looking for a safer alternative to those laundry products residing on supermarket shelves Australia-wide.

Containing only plant and mineral based ingredients to ensure a safer wash and one that is suitable for allergy sufferers and those with sensitive skin, this product is a wonderful addition to the laundry cupboard. Super concentrated to ensure maximum value, each package allows for 16 washes providing great value. Independently tested against the leading brands, you can rest assured that no compromise has been made.  Arriving in a 500g package that is made entirely of renewable sugarcane plastic, the benefit to the environment is evident as waste can be minimised thus reducing your carbon footprint.

Wash your clothes effectively but also do so with the safety of the family and environment in mind by purchasing your laundry powder right here at Buy Organics Online.