Lecithin Granules 200g Nature First

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Lecithin Granules 200g by Nature’s First at Buy Organics Online

Lecithin is a miracle food whose benefits are often not taken advantage because they feature prominently in foods that aren’t often consumed. Found most commonly in organ meats such as chicken liver, lecithin provides incredible benefits, including:

- Increased learning, memory, muscle function, sleep and arousal due to the choline that it possesses.

- Greater heart health through increased healthy cholesterol levels and maintenance of blood pressure levels thanks to the presence of inositol.

- Can enhance weight loss due to lecithin acting as a metabolism booster.

Lecithin Granules by Nature First provides easier access to this magnificent miracle food by packaging it in granular form. This way you can sprinkle it on top of cereals, yoghurts and salads to get the great benefits that lecithin has to offer. It comes packaged in a 200g resealable bag to maximise freshness.

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