Lecithin Granules Unbleached 200g Lotus

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Lotus Lecithin Granules Unbleached (Germany) 200 grams - Buy Online

Lotus Lecithin Granules Unbleached (Germany) Products On Sale

One of nature’s miracle foods, lecithin is found naturally in egg yolks and organ meats like chicken liver. As these are foods that many people don’t often eat, it is highly advantageous to purchase lecithin in other forms.

Lecithin Granules Unbleached 200g by the people at Lotus is one such supplement that is essential for a healthy lifestyle. GMO free and gluten-free this product makes a great addition when sprinkled onto cereals, soups, salads and mixes well with fruit juices and blended smoothies.

With a rich source of choline, the benefits of consumption will be that your learning, memory, muscle function and sleep will be greatly enhanced. Additionally, your heart health will be improved due to the presence of inositol which boosts healthy cholesterol levels, helps grow healthy shiny hair and helps maintain blood pressure levels.

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