Lemon Dish Powder 1kg By Ecostore

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Ecostore Lemon Dish Powder 1 kg - Buy Online

When it comes time to clean the dishes and wash the cutlery, you want to make sure that you do so in a manner that will prevent nasty chemical residues from contacting the skin. Whilst many products continue to contain these chemicals, lemon dish powder by Ecostore exclusively uses plant and mineral based ingredients to ensure this situation is avoided.

Combining environmentally friendly ingredients with a fresh lemony scent, Ecostore’s lemon dish powder gives your kitchenware a sparkling shine yet protects your skin from damage. Independently tested and found to work just as effectively as mainstream brands, this product is a great addition to your kitchen sink cupboard.  Super concentrated to ensure value for money, each 1kg packet allows for 51 washes.

Whilst suitable for most kitchenware, where washing antique silver, painted porcelain and other highly unusual and valued items we recommend a hand wash using Ecostore’s dish liquid instead.