Lemon Dish Powder 2kg By Ecostore

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Ecostore Lemon Dish Powder 2 kg - Buy Online

When it comes to causing damage to the environment, one of the biggest offenders is the household dishwasher. Ecostore is determined to provide a product to the consumer that is environmentally friendly and that can get the dishes clean without leaving nasty chemical residues.

Lemon Dish Powder 2kg by Ecostore contains biodegradable surfactants and is phosphate free. With a lemon fragrance that is fresh and desirable, your dishes will end up sparkling and clean whilst doing minimal damage to the environment. Tested against the most popular supermarket brands and shown to work as well, if not better, this product is a desirable addition to your kitchen. Super concentrated to give the customer value for money, each 2kg package allows for over 100 washes.

Stored in a 2kg renewable sugarcane plastic bottle that is 100% recyclable ensures that waste is minimised and that the carbon footprint of the consumer who has purchased the product is reduced.