Lemon Juice Organic 370mL Lakewood

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Lakewood Lemon Juice Organic 370 mL

LAKEWOOD lemon juice is made from 100% pure and fresh lemons. We provide you pure lemon without any concentration. Lemon is a citrus fruit and is considered good source of vitamin C. It is an aid in weight loss and also supports in the process of digestion. Lemon increases the efficiency of your immune system. It is suggested to have lemon juice for vitamin C deficiency. The LAKEWOOD lemon juice is highly recommended due to following reasons:

  • Our lemon juice is 100% pure without any concentration
  • No added color, flavor or preservative
  • Organic certified
  • Good source of vitamin C and micro nutrients


This juice helps in treating problem of indigestion. It helps in controlling blood pressure. The antioxidant properties protect cells from damage.


Juice and Pulp from Whole Ripe Organic Lemons (5% Acidity).