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Lemon Myrtle Oil

What is lemon myrtle oil?

Lemon myrtle oil is an essential oil that has a strong lemon aromatic flavour that many believe to be stronger than lemon oil. The colour varies from clear to pale yellow. It is widely used in aromatherapy and blends well with other citrus essential oils as well as  wood, floral, mint and camphorous essential oils.

Extracted from the backhouse cttrodoria plant, the aromatherapy oil is renowned for its strong citral content and is commonly recommended in DIY home cleaning recipes.

Benefits of using lemon myrtle essential oil.

Australian lemon myrtle oil has similar properties to essential oils like lemon and tea tree oil, particularly with regard to its effects on bacteria and viruses.

The key benefits of using the oil are:

  • Acts as an effective natural disinfectant when mixed with vinegar and tea tree oil

  • Acts as an antifungal agent. As such is can be used as a natural food preservative as well as being used topically to treat conditions like athlete’s foot.

  • Can be used to treat acne. The disinfectant qualities within the lemon myrtle oil have been found to kill the bacteria while soothing the inflamed skin

  • When placed in a diffuser, the oil’s scent can help to relieve anxiety and also acts as a relaxant - some use is as a sleep aid.

  • Anti inflammatory properties can help to relieve arthritis when rubbed into the skin.

Where to buy lemon myrtle essential oil in Australia

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