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Lentils Brown Organic (canned) 400g Global Organics

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GLOBAL ORGANICSLentils Brown Organic (canned) 400g Buy Online

GLOBAL ORGANICSLentils Brown Organic (canned) On Sale


With a laundry list of Benefits including lowered cholesterol, better heart health, stronger digestion and stabilised blood sugar levels, consumption of brown lentils will leave you fitter and healthier than ever before. As a vegan-friendly source of significant protein, lentils are perfect for the vegetarian or animal lover struggling to get enough protein into their diets.

Flavoursome and firm, Organic Brown Lentils from Global Organics are a delicious addition to any soup or stew you may be cooking up during those cold winter months. In addition, it packs plenty of flavour for a delicious vegie burger. Made in Italy from both local and imported Ingredients, this product comes in a 400g BPA free can equipped with a pull ring for easy opening. High in protein, low in fat, containing no artificial nasties and fully certified organic this is a wonderful product for the health-conscious individual or family.

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Brown lentils* (60%), water,sea salt. *Certified organic.