Body Cleansing Chlorella (500mg) Capsules 100 caps Lifestream

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Body Cleansing Chlorella (500mg) Capsules 100 caps Lifestream

Containing a tremendously rich source of vitamins and minerals and a great source of chlorophyll, chlorella products are wonderfully beneficial to the consumer. Possessing powerful detoxification and cleansing actions within the body, the benefits of this product are significant, including:

- Repairing cracked cell walls due to its detoxifying ability

- Enhancing energy levels

- Cleansing the blood stream

- Promoting healthier bowel function thanks to the enhanced digestibility it provides

- Providing the consumer with a fresher body odour

- The ability to protect the body against harmful toxins, pollutants and free radicals

Body Cleansing Chlorella from the team at Lifestream is packaged in New Zealand from imported ingredients. It arrives on your door in a resealable bottle that ensures longevity and maximises freshness. Each bottle contains 100 capsules that are convenient for consumption. Vegan-friendly and fully certified organic this is a wonderful product to add to your kitchen pantry.

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