Body Cleansing Chlorella Powder 100g Lifestream

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Body Cleansing Chlorella Powder 100g Lifestream

For a high quality, fully organic product that can provide your body with many positive benefits, look no further than Body Cleansing Chlorella Powder, brought to you by the people at Lifestream. Grown outdoors in rich mineral water in subtropical coral reef islands, this product contains high levels of chlorophyll for the cleansing and nourishment of your digestive system.

The benefits of chlorella products are as follows:

- It acts as an internal cleanse

- It is a natural detoxifier in that it can repair cracked cell walls.

- Helps to reduce body odour

- Can provide clearer skin benefits to the regular consumer

- Eliminates harmful toxins and free radicals

- Improves bowel function due to its ability to enhance digestion

Delivered in a 100g resealable container to maintain freshness and enhance longevity, each 2gm dose provides the above benefits whilst also being gluten free, dairy free, soy free, wheat free and vegan friendly.

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