Lime Spray Deodorant 125ml By Natural Scents

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Use Lime Deodorant Spray by Natural Scents to enjoy the citrusy scent of lime and that long lasting fresh feeling! This organic and all-natural deo spray contains purified water, naturally occurring sea salt crystals, citricacidal or potash alum, and the essential oil of lime to kill bacteria that cause unpleasant body odour. Spray it on your body daily after showering or taking a bath to get the confidence you need and stay feeling fresh and clean all throughout the day.

  • It is certified organic and contains all-natural ingredients.
  • It is free from aluminium and harsh chemicals so it is safe to useeveryday.
  • It doesn't contain alcohol, making it gentle on sensitive skin.
  • The essential oil of lime helps you fight viral and bacterial infections.
  • Lime Deodorant Spray by Natural Scents is 100% Australian made.You can be sure of its high quality and efficacy.


NATURAL SCENTS Lime Deodorant Spray 125ml