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Locako Collagen Coffee Creamer Vanill 300g

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Locako Collagen Coffee Creamer Vanill 300g

This Locako MCT Oil & Grass Fed Collagen Coffee Creamer in Vanilla Cream is a delicious and energy-boosting way to include more collagen in your diet. As well as being essential for younger-looking skin, collagen is also essential for our bones, tendons, cartilage, connective tissue, joints, hair and nails, so a regular intake is very beneficial, especially as we age. Grass-fed collagen is derived from animals that were fed on greens and able to forage, which guarantees it is of higher quality.

MCT* Oil Powder is derived from MCT Oil, which is digested by the liver and quickly metabolised to produce ketones, a rapid source of energy for the brain and body.

The Benefits  Locako Grass Fed Collagen and MCT Oil Coffee Creamer in Vanilla Cream may include:

- improved mental focus
- a faster metabolism
- support for weight loss efforts
- a reduction in body fat stores
- support for gut health
- provision of essential fats

*Medium Chain Triglycerides

Made in Australia. Gluten-free.