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Lotus Almond Flour Raw Whole nut 1kg

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KAD - 486041

Lotus Almond Flour Raw Whole-nut 1kg


Lotus Raw Whole-Nut Almond Flour is made from whole raw Australian almonds with the skin on to create a wholesome 'wholemeal' style flour that can be used as a low carb flour for baking. Use in any recipe that call for almond meal or natural almond flour. Your baked goods will have a lovely wholemeal taste and texture. The look and taste is similar to that of a 'wholemeal' flour with more fibre and a nuttier taste.


Lotus Raw Whole-Nut Almond Flour is made and packed in Australia from Australian almonds. Packaged in a re-sealable oxygen barrier bag to preserve freshness


Naturally gluten and grain free we have created this almond flour especially for baking nutritious and nutty 'wholemeal' style baked goods. By combining with other flours you can get different textures depending on your preference. Adding almond meal to your gluten free baking cuts through the often over-starchiness of GF flours and starches and creates lighter and more nutritious baked goods. Specially formulated to be perfect for baking.



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