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Loving Earth

Loving Earth

What is Loving Earth?

Loving Earth is a Melbourne based company with a mission to work with small producer communities around the world to ethically produce quality foods using organic whole food products like their acclaimed loving earth chocolate, organic superfoods, loving earth business and activated breakfast cereals. 

First and foremost Loving Earth is recognised for its exquisite chocolate products made from Cacao sourced from the Ashaninka people from Peru. 

Loving Earth Chocolate and the Ashaninka community

The fair trade collaboration with the Ashaninka community is critical in ensuring the continued sustainability of the Ashaninka people and their care for the rainforest. 

The community still cultivates the prized Amazonico Criollo Cacao beans. This particular variety of cacao is now highly sought after due to the rapid introduction of hybridized rapidly growing cacao plants that produce greater quantities of beans but lack the quality of flavour of the original beans. 

Loving Earth in  partnership with the rainforest foundation has assisted the Ashaninka community to form a certified organic, fair trade cooperative. Having helped to establish this cooperative known as Kemito Ene, Loving Earth moved quickly to cement the relationship by committing to buy Kemito Ene’s complete 10 tonne cacao crop for a price substantially higher than what  they would have obtained through the usual local channels. 

From these humble beginnings, the Ashaninka are now able to produce a 40 tonne crop. Complete financial independence will be achieved when they are able to produce 160 tonnes of cacao each year. 

Loving Earth is committed to helping them achieve sustainability within the next few years. To provide the Ashaninka with the lifeline they desperately need, more chocolate needs to be sold. 

What does loving earth chocolate taste like?

The short answer is that Loving Earth chocolate products taste the way chocolate is meant to taste. All chocolate products are made from the finest ingredients and are dairy free. You can expect a smooth rich chocolate taste that is sure to have your taste buds begging for more. 

Loving Earth Chocolate Varieties 

There is no doubt that the people at Loving Earth love their chocolate. They produce a range of delicious chocolate products including a range of chocolate bars, dark chocolate, white chocolate caramel chocolate and the enticing buckinis chocolate clusters.

What are Loving Earth Buckinis

Buckinis is the name given to activated buckwheat. Buckwheat is not a grain but a fruit  seed that contains a powerful nutritious punch. 

The buckwheat fruit is closely related to rhubarb. Being a seed, it is gluten free. The small seeds are triangular in shape and contain high levels of protein as well as all  of the essential amino acids. Other nutrients contained in this triangular seed include -:B Vitamins, zinc, magnesium, iron manganese and copper,. However the raw seeds contain phytic acid which prevents the vitamins and minerals from being accessible. The way to unlock that goodness is to activate the seed. Activation requires soaking, draining and then dehydrating the seeds.

Loving Earth have sourced quality organically grown and harvested buckinis and packaged them up in a variety of interesting and delightful flavours. These include caramelised buckini clusters, buckini berry and cacao cereal, buckini nut and seed cereal, buckini chocolate clusters and many more. 

Where to Buy Loving Earth Chocolate and Other Products 

Loving Earth products are becoming more prevalent in Australian stores these days, but for pure convenience and stress free shopping you can’t go past the range of Loving Earth products supplied by Buy Organics Online. Buy Organics Online stock the full range of Loving Earth Chocolate, Loving Earth Buckinis and Loving Earth cereals. Get your Loving Earth supply here today and help build a better, more sustainable world.


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