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Lucuma Powder

Lucuma Powder

What is Lucuma Powder?

Lucuma powder is cultivated from the fruit of the Pouteria Lucuma tree. The tree is native to the South American regions of Ecuador, Chile and Peru. The fruit is green and yellow in colour and possesses a yellow-orange flesh. It has been used throughout history and was known as the gold o the incas, often having a special place in sacred ceremonies. The taste of Lucuma has been variously  described as close to that of pumpkin, citrusy and creamy with a faint hint of caramel .However, it is described, it is very popular in its native Peru with lucuma being one of Peru’s favourite ice cream flavours.  It is the pulp of the lucuma fruit that is made to produce the powder form. The powder is often used a substitute sweetener

Lucuma powder benefits

In answer to the question, what is lucuma powder good for? advocates of this product suggest that it can provide some great benefits. These lucuma powder benefits include:

  • It possesses a great nutritional makeup – One of the biggest lucuma benefits relates to its wonderful nutritional makeup. It possesses many essential trace minerals and vitamins including sodium, calcium and magnesium. It also is high in iron, providing 2% of your recommended daily iron intake.

  • It may strengthen bones and teeth – Because this product is high in calcium, it may help to keep your teeth and bones strong.

  • It may enhance digestion – Thanks to the presence of phosphorus, this product may assist in better digestion and hormonal balance.

  • It may have anti-inflammatory benefits – Studies conducted by Rutgers University revealed that lucuma may help with skin repair while providing anti-aging and anti-inflammation benefits.

  • Contains an array of antioxidants such as polyphenols and carotenoids. Both of these antioxidants have been demonstrated to be effective in promoting  heart health  as well as being very effective anti inflammatories[1]. One particular carotenoid,,xanthophylls has been linked to good vision.

  • The complex starch and fibers within lucuma may help to control blood sugar levels[2]

  • Can be used as a sugar substitute while baking

How to use lucuma powder

Lucuma powder can be used in a variety of ways. It is most commonly added to morning smoothies in the hope of providing an immediate boost to overall health. In addition, it can be added to breakfast cereals, yoghurt, puddings and pastries. In addition, some also use it when making ice cream products.

When used as a baking substitute for sugar, keep in mind that it has a texture similar to granulated sugar while tasting more like brown sugar. If a recipe calls for brown sugar substitute lucuma on a 2:1 basis. In other cases where the recipe calls for flour and sugar in the interests of maintaining consistency with the  original recipe, reduce the flour content by a couple of tablespoons and replace with lucuma then substitute the sugar content with lucuma.

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[1]Characterization of main primary and secondary metabolites and in vitro antioxidant and antihyperglycemic properties in the mesocarp of three biotypes of Pouteria lucuma

[2]Evaluation of antihyperglycemia and antihypertension potential of native Peruvian fruits using in vitro models

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