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Lupin Flour

Lupin Flour

Lupin Flour – The Australian flour for you

Lupin flour has been found to own several health benefits while being a great option to be used in baking goods. It is a great alternative to those looking to give a great taste to their recipes.

What is Lupin Flour?

Lupin flour is an Australian made flour produced from the local lupin grains, also known as lupine. Lupins, grow on a plant similar to peanuts and are processed into flour which can then be used in baking goods. Lupins are grown in Australia from a plant known as Sweet Lupin or Narrow Leaf Lupin. It is a well-known grain in Australia and has been increasing in demand due to its health benefits.

It is recommended that consumers with nut allergies to refrain themselves from consuming lupin flour. Lupin based products are usually marked as allergens since people with nut allergies can have severe reactions to the grain and anything that contains traces of it.

Lupin Flour Health Benefits

Lupin has a lot to offer when it comes to your health. Rich in fiber, protein and nutrients, it can be perfect for those who are seeking to adapt to a healthier diet. Let’s have a look at some of its many benefits it can provide.

1.       Great for vegetarians – It can be a great source of protein to those who do not get their protein intake from animal products.

2.       Great Taste – Usually used in bread recipes for its great nutty taste.

3.       Nutritional Value – The grain’s nutritional goodness is being kept intact when processed into flour products.


Where to buy Lupin Flour?

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