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Magnesium Powder

Magnesium Powder

What is magnesium powder?

Since its hard to fulfill the body’s requirement of magnesium through food only, Magnesium powder is one of the best ways to supplement your body’s requirement for proper functioning. It is one of the most abundant mineral present in the human body as it plays an important role in the functioning of over 325 different enzymes.

It is a mineral found in the sea, earth, animals, and humans, and 60% of the body’s magnesium is stored in your skeletal system that's the reason magnesium is considered a very important supplement for your bone health.

The characteristics of pure magnesium powder would include-: free from preservatives, lactose free, vegan friendly and gluten free.


What are the benefits of magnesium citrate powder?

Besides being a means of increasing the body’s magnesium intake, magnesium citrate powder increases water in the intestines and may act as a laxative.

Taking magnesium supplements including soluble powders may assist in the following ways:

  • Bone health: It might help in strengthening of bones through better calcium absorption and activating vitamin D in the kidney.  

  • Exercise performance: it may improve your performance at the gym by reducing lactic acid levels and faster recovery. Magnesium salt might also improve protein synthesis as well thus support in better performance.  

  • Blood pressure: it may help you in the regulation of blood pressure and stress. Magnesium might be a great way to relieve stress and keeping your heart healthy.

  • Depression: is some cases it is also found to be helpful in mood swings and depression, it may stimulate your brain to feel good and happy.

  • Anti-inflammatory: it is known to have anti-inflammatory properties since ages and might helps in reducing your inflammation as well, it has been used by professional athletes and fitness to reduce the muscle soreness after a workout.

  • Diabetes: regular intake of magnesium may prevent insulin sensitivity and some case studies have found to have a positive role of this mineral in fighting diabetes.    

Where to buy magnesium powder Australia

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