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Mama Nose Eco-Friendly Bamboo Nappies - 30 x Xlarge Size (12 to 18kg)


Mama Nose Eco-Friendly Bamboo Nappies - 30 x Xlarge Size (12 to 18kg)

Thoughtfully Crafted Nappies that you can trust at everyday prices.

At Mama Nose, we understand that our little tots need comfort and high-quality care to heed to their soft and sensitive baby bottoms. But at the same time, we also ensure that their ventures do not leave a wreck for people in the future to tidy up.

✔️ DERMATOLOGICALLY TESTED: All our products are having been tested vigorously and the derma test seal affirms it. It uses
✔️ CRAFTED WITHOUT CHEMICALS: Totally free from chlorine, alcohol, latex, Phthalates, and fragrance. Protecting your tot, free of any chemical substances that cause discomfort.
✔️ ECO FRIENDLY & BIODEGRADABLE: Made with bamboo and other natural ingredients, 61% components will biodegrade in a span of 75 days.
✔️ 100% BAMBOO FIBER TOP AND BACK: The fiber is non-woven which makes it extremely efficient to absorb liquid and leaves a soft and silky feel for the sensitive baby skin.
✔️ ULTIMATE COMFORT FOR YOUR LITTLE TOT: A cozy fit; smooth and antibacterial Bamboo fiber bottom and top sheet that helps reduce skin irritation and rashes. Super absorbent core, high rise waistband & a triple strength side tabs avoid leaks and blowouts.

We have created a nappy that is thoughtfully crafted for precious little tots. Our nappies are free harmful chemicals that may cause irritation and discomfort to not only tots but the environment as well.

No Chlorine | No Perfumes | No Phthalates | No Latex | No Formaldehyde | No Alcohol

Instruction For Use:

Do not flush nappy down the toilet. Roll Nappy up tightly and discard into waste bin. Be kind to your planet and dispose off the bag carefully.

Choking may result from anything babies put in their mouths. To minimise risk, do not allow the baby to tear nappy. Discard torn or unsealed nappies. To minimise the risk of suffocation, keep the plastic bag away from children and dispose after use.


100% Bamboo Fiber Top and Bottom Sheet, Aloe Liner, Totally Chlorine Free Wood Pulp, Super Absorbent Core, Elastic Waistband, Leak Guard, Triple Strength Side Tabs, Soft Feel Frontal Tape, Ultra-Breathable Back Sheet, Safe Glue Wet Indicator

Country of Manufacture:

Austrlian-Owned Family Business, Made in China