Manuka Honey & Kelp Soap 80gr By Ecostore

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Manuka Honey & Kelp Soap 80 grams by Ecostore - Buy Online

It is vitally important to utilise a soap that will not only do a thorough job of cleaning off dirt and grime but that will do so in a manner that will ensure that your skin is not left feeling irritated and dry. Many everyday soap brands provide effective results in getting rid of foreign bodies but leave the skin scaly and itchy especially for those with sensitive skin.

Ecostore provides the marketplace with Manuka Honey Soap. Created only by using the most natural of plant and mineral based ingredients, this superb product will clean and nourish without doing harm to the natural protective oils that our body creates as a form of self-protection. The absence of any harmful chemicals and the use of vegetable oil instead of tallow is of further benefit as it ensures the consumer that it is not only a healthier alternative to traditional brand soaps but is also cruelty free!