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For a little added flavour to your morning pancakes or your evening bowl of ice cream, nothing quite hits the spot better than maple syrup. Used sparingly, consuming maple syrup instead of regular sugar can yield some benefits. Where used as a treat, it can help to lower inflammation, supply quality nutrients and better manage blood sugar levels than the alternative. As regular sugar supplies no nutritional benefits to the body, for a sweet addition to that occasional treat this is the way to go!

Maple Syrup from Global Organics is sourced from Canada and arrives in a 250ml glass bottle that is easily resealable. GMO-free and containing no artificial flavours, preservatives, starches or enhances, when choosing a healthier maple syrup alternative then this is the product for you. Certified organic, just drizzle this product on your favourite snack and you’ll be getting the full flavour without any hidden nasties.

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Maple Syrup*. Canada No. 1 Medium Grade. *Certified Organic