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Maternity Pads

Maternity Pads

Maternity Pads

Make life a little more comfortable post-birth with maternity pads. After child birth, it is important that women are as comfortable as possible. Following delivery, a mother will start to bleed very heavily during the uterus recovery process. Normally the bleeding experienced is much heavier than during her usual period and can last from 10 days to six weeks. This vaginal bleeding is known as Lochia and is the regular post child birth process experienced until all excess uterine surface and placenta is eradicated.

Why wear maternity pads?

Because the vaginal bleeding experienced is excessive and heavy, it is essential that women use maternity pads where they would otherwise wear standard menstrual pads or tampons. This is because maternity pads are larger, more absorbable and provide a greater level of comfort to deal with the excessive bleeding that occurs. Women must change their maternity pads often, not only to stay comfortable and fresh, but also to stave off infection.

Could I just continue to wear standard menstrual pads?

There is a considerable negative to continuing to use your standard menstrual pads following child birth. This is because standard pads do not provide as much absorption, are smaller in size and can irritate the skin where stitches are present. Maternity pads are much thicker in size, are longer to cover a larger surface area, and are much softer thus preventing irritation to a sensitive post pregnancy vaginal region.

How many maternity pads are required post pregnancy?

A pregnant woman will need to ensure that they have plenty of maternity pads with them post birth. The excessive bleeding that occurs will mean that regular replacements will be required. The general rule of thumb is to store 2 packets in your maternity bag to begin with and replace when necessary.

Maternity Pads Australia

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