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Melrose H2Oil Sweet Almond 2L


Melrose H2Oil Sweet Almond 2L


  • Performs as well as a regular massage oil without stickiness. 
  • Non occlusive - the skin is allowed to breathe. 
  • Minimal aroma. 
  • Water dispersible. 
  • Accepts essential oils. 
  • Packed in casks to ensure long life.

For those who prefer almond oil but want the Benefits of Melrose H2Oil water dispersible technology. The popularity of water dispersible massage oils has resulted in the H2Oil option being applied to Sweet Almond Oil. Coconut Glycerides is a light oil, used in fine cosmetics. It gives glide to the massage and allows the skin to breathe - it makes the oil combination non occlusive. Vitamin E is added to retard oxidation, however the use of the 'bag in a box' for 2 and 10 litre packs is more effective in reducing oxidation over the longer period.