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Micellar Water

Micellar Water

Micellar Water- Clean, Toned and Refreshed Skin

Micellar water is an excellent solution to your skin cleaning and toning requirements, this water is a  blend of filtered water; hydrating elements, such as glycerin; and a magical ingredient ‘micellar’.

Micellar works like a miniature sponge, it removes dirt and makeup while hydrating your skin. Micelles traps dirt, oil, and makeup; and dissolve impurities so they can easily be wiped away. This skin-care product that looks and feels just like regular water but differs in its gentle cleaning properties.

Natural Micellar Water Benefits

Advocates have suggested that natural micellar water can benefit the consumer in the following ways:

  • Gentle makeup removal: It's a chemical-free solution to remove your makeup, especially from the sensitive areas.

  • Skin Toning: This cleaning water actually pulls out all the oil and dirt that attached to the surface of your skin and cleans your pores

  • Oil Cleansing: You can assume micelles as a compound with two-part: a head and a tail, it’s head get attached to the water and its tail traps the oil particles that may help in clearing out excess oil from the skin.  

  • Hydrate and refresh: There is no rinsing needed, this product is the excellent skin refresher to be used anytime. You can use micellar water after a workout session or after the hectic workday.

  • Alcohol-free: It does not contain any alcohol which makes it a effective cleaner with long-term benefits.  

Micellar Water Australia

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