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Nakula Coconut Water Carton 12 x 330ml

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Now: $45.95
UN - NJ21

Nakula Coconut Water Carton 12 x 330 ml - Buy Online

Nakula Coconut Water Carton Product On Sale

For a quality, fully certified organic drink that is designed to replenish and rehydrate look no further than Coconut Water from the people at Nakula. Scientific research has shown that coconut water has significant health Benefits for those who consume it regularly, including:

- Improved blood circulation

- A reduction in blood pressure levels

- A lowered risk of heart attack and stroke

- Can cleanse the body of toxins

- Provides alleviation of stress levels

- Can reduce muscle tension

- Boost energy levels

Packaged in a carton of twelve 330 ml cans, Coconut Water from the people at Nakula is a fully-certified organic product that is guaranteed to provide significant health Benefits to the consumer. Organically farmed, it is also friendly to the planet. Ideal for use on hot days or following strenuous activity, this product is guaranteed to rehydrate the body in a much healthier way than traditional sports drinks.

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100% Organic Coconut Water