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Natural Dry Shampoo

What is a natural dry shampoo

As the name suggests, a dry shampoo does not require the use of water to clean the hair. A natural dry shampoo is made from all natural ingredients without using synthetics or harmful chemicals. The beauty of these products is that they can make your hair look clean even after not being washed for several days. They also help greatly when you make the switch from commercial hair care products to natural ones which can sometimes cause the hair to become oily as it recovers its health.

Essentially a dry shampoo uses oil absorbing ingredients like arrowroot to absorb the oily substances on the hair and make it look clean.

Best natural dry shampoo uses

Besides being great time savers and a great way to keep your hair looking clean, natural dry shampoos have a variety of uses. These include:

  • Boosting hair volume

  • Increasing hold. Sometimes hair can be too clean and it can be difficult to keep curls in place. Applying a little dry shampoo will increase hold.

  • Can help conceal dark blonde roots

  • Spraying natural shampoo on to bobby pins will help them grip

  • Can help formulate a messy wave look

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Where to buy natural dry shampoo products

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