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Natural Mouthwash

What Is Natural Mouthwash?

All natural mouthwash is an alcohol-free mouthwash that will help to freshen your breath and fight tooth decay and dental plaque. A natural antiseptic mouthwash uses time tested essential oils proven to have medicinal properties such as peppermint, cinnamon and lavender

It works best when the mouth is rinsed with between 20 and 50 ml of the product. Usually it is swished or gargled in the mouth. 

Natural mouthwashes date back to ancient times with Ayurvedic medicine prescribing a natural remedy for gingivitis and references to the practice being found in other ancient writings.

Benefits of Natural Mouthwash

As natural mouthwash contains no synthetic additives, it has many natural benefits besides freshening your mouth and helping to protect your teeth. These include:

  • Gently washes the most sensitive of mouths

  • Successfully eradicates germs in a pleasant feeling way without subjecting you to the burning sensation created by alcohol based mouthwashes

  • Contains natural antibacterial properties that not only help to fight gum disease but actively prevent the development of antibacterial resistant bacteria.

  • Contains essential oils not found in synthetic based products. These oils are effective in offering anti -bacterial, anti fungal, antimicrobial and anti inflammatory properties that are known to work.

  • Does not contribute to the condition known as dry mouth whereas some alcohol based products can reduce the natural production of saliva.

  • Helps to maintain your overall health 

Where to Buy the Best Natural Mouthwash

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