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Natural Scents Rose Deodorant

Want to smell like a bouquet of roses all day? Then you might want to try the Rose Deodorant by Natural Scents. This body care product is blended with essential oils of rose and natural sea salt to keep you smelling good and fresh, even on active days. With its highly effective deodorising properties, you'll have the confidence to take on various challenges that come your way. 

1. Certified organic

2. Aluminium-free

3. Alcohol-free

4. Gentle on sensitive skin

5. 100% Australian-made 

Use Rose Deodorant by Natural Scents after showering or taking a bath. For best results, use on dry, clean skin. Do not use on irritated or broken skin to avoid allergies and other adverse reaction. To maintain quality, always place the cap back on after using this organic product

Why Buy Rose Deodorant?

Rose Deodorant contains essential rose oil, which has anti-bacterial properties good for skin infections. Certified organic, it doesn't contain aluminium, and alcohol, unlike most deodorants available today. It is gentle on sensitive skin so it's safe to use daily. 

Rose Deodorant by Natural scents contains all-natural ingredients like purified water, naturally occurring mineral salts, citricacidal, and essential oil of rose.