Naturally Sweet Xylitol 225gr

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Naturally Sweet Xylitol 225 grams 

Possessing a sweetness similar to sugar without the harmful negative attributes that the body has to deal with as a result of sugar consumption, Xylitol is an ideal alternative for the consumer looking to make a smarter, healthier choice. Derived from corncobs, the benefits of this product are pronounced:

-  Environmentally sustainable due to the limited space taken to grow it and the small timeframe until harvest

-  75% fewer carbohydrates and over 40% less calories than sugar

-  Mositurises and soothes the skin by pulling water to skin surfaces

-  Has basically zero effect on elevating blood sugar and insulin levels

Xylitol from Naturally Sweet comes in a 225g resealable bag designed to maintain freshness and longevity. The product is ideal for diabetes sufferers and the health-minded individual. Perfect for use in cooking, on cereals or for any use like that of sugar.

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