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Naturally Sweet Xylitol Icing Sugar 500gr

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Naturally Sweet Xylitol Icing Sugar 500gr 

We all love a good cake! But in this health-conscious society we all seem to be seeking alternatives to minimise the calories contained within and to also provide for those who may be experiencing health issues such as diabetes. The perfect answer to this problem comes in the form of Xylitol icing sugar by Naturally Sweet. Whereas traditionally icing sugar contains harmful Ingredients that are bound to be concerning to many party goers, Xylitol manages to avoid this.

With 40% fewer calories and 70% less carbs than standard cane sugar the benefit of Xylitol is obvious when it comes times to baking that favourite cake. This is because with a sweetness ratio of 1:1, there is no loss of flavour when it comes to using this wonderful product. It’ll taste like sugar, but it is far better than sugar. And don’t worry about the diabetic in the party, as this product has no effect on raising blood sugar and insulin levels it is more than safe to consume.

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