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Neroli Oil

Neroli Oil

Neroli Oil

Napoli oil is an essential oil that has been loved by people for a variety of reasons, because of the calming effects it has been found to be effective in treating mood swings, anxiety and stress. Neroli oil is also a aphrodisiac that may assist in treating erectile dysfunction, low libido, and other sex-related problems. It is also known for its antibacterial and antifungal properties.

This oil is derived from the orange blossoms, from the bitter orange tree. The bitter orange tree is native to eastern Africa and tropical Asia but today it can also be found in the Mediterranean region.

Organic Neroli Oil Benefits

Advocates have suggested that organic neroli oil benefits the consumer in the following ways:

  • Inflammation and pain: traditionally this oil has been used to reduce inflammation and pain in the body, that's why it has been widely used for therapeutic massage practices.

  • Relieve depression: neroli essential oil has been long used for aromatherapy because of its soothing effects that reduce the stress, anxiety and depression.

  • Prevents infection: this essential oil has powerful antibacterial properties and it protects the body from any external bacterial attacks.

  • Keep you warm: its a cordial substance, that means it may help you stay warm. You can mix a few drops of this essential oil in career oil to keep your body worm and healthy.

  • Cytophylactic properties: cytophylactic means your body’s cells capabilities to regenerate, it helps in cellular metabolism and improve the way your current cells function.

Neroli Oil Australia

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