Nirvana Organics Granular Himalayan Salt 500gr

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Nirvana Organics Granular Himalayan Salt 500gr


Himalayan salt unlike the usual table salt is pink in color with a distinct taste. This natural salt is very good for health due to the occurrence of few very essential elements. Himalayan salt has Calcium, Magnesium and potassium in it which is responsible for its color and its numerous health benefits. The content of Sodium in Himalayan salt is relatively less than in the usual table salt. This organic Himalayan Salt by Nirvana Organics is great for daily use. 


  • Low Sodium helps in bringing down high blood pressure.
  • Maintains the pH levels in body fluids.
  • Helps in reducing muscular strains.
  • Helps in bone development.
  • Good for blood


The granular form of Himalayan salt can be crushed and added or sprinkled over food before consuming


Store the product in a cool and dry place. 

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  • Contains naturally occurring essential elements.
  • Is required in small amounts.
  • Completely organic.
  • No anti-caking agents
  • Many health benefits.
  • Includes essential elements
  • NO Harsh Chemicals
  • 100% Organic


 Himalayan crystal salt.